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Forums, new development, and volunteer requests


Author trey
Full name Trey Hutcheson
Date 2005-03-16 09:32:06 PST
Message I just wanted to let every one know that development is about to ramp up again on the next version of CFNUnitBridge. In the mean time, I plan on releasing a binary version of the current build, so people don't need to download and compile/deploy the source. However, before I can release a binary version, I need an application icon for the project. So, this is the formal request for any user of the tool to volunteer an icon that will be the new logo for the project.

Additionally, I have setup forums for the project, as an alternative to the mailing lists as a way to correspond with the developers and other users. The forums are available at http://www.bytemellc.com/cfnb

There's not a lot of content on the forums yet, so feel free to contribute.

Stay tuned for further announcements coming shortly...
Trey Hutcheson

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Forums, new development, and volunteer requests trey Trey Hutcheson 2005-03-16 09:32:06 PST
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